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The 6″ Strength Tank (ST6) Steel multipurpose training tool is designed to help aid in releasing and strengthening sore backs with light weight and natural movement.
Designed to start at an appropriate weight and grow as you make forward progress through the strength tank training program.

As you accomplish goals, we recommend adding a handful or two of weight to the tank. This slowly adds mass, increasing strength but without the emphasis on massive gains, just slow and steady progress.
We supply labels to update the tank weight as progress is made and leave an area to note what goal was achieved.

Product Specifications:
6” (20 LBS/9 KG ) Tank
39.5” Long
32” Grip Width
1.25″ Diameter Handle
4” from Handle to Tank (Smartwatch Compatible)

Your Purchase helps support two local small businesses during the ongoing shutdown:
FORWRD Training
Co-Owned by Madison Residents Raquel Sanchez and Joe Krebs, FORWRD Training offers a new approach to training through active alignment and natural movement. Our approach is to provide detailed instruction on how to release and strengthen your body from head to toe. This form of training is approachable to all types students and the Strength Tank provides a useful tool with minimal other equipment needed. Simple, Safe, Appropriately weighted exercise.
Quality Tanks (
Quality Tanks is a Subsidiary of Custom Manufacturing in Clinton, WI. Owned by the Grandparents of FORWRD Co-Founder Joe Krebs. Custom and Quality have been supplying high quality manufactured steel products since 1964. Tanks are manufactured at what we call “The Shop” in Clinton, WI


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