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FORWRD Training provides a new and one of a kind approach to physical training in a Virtual and Online Platform. We aim to enhance all individuals through the use of bodyweight natural movements in our virtual and online courses that are easily done at home with minimal equipment. Our philosophy teaches a heightened level of awareness and connection to the body from head to toe. We incorporate various poses, holds, exercises and formats into our training program all tailored to help you move forward.

We welcome all who want to learn how to move forward in a safe space into our community.  Our mainly queer and allied community is made up of people who have found modern gym culture to be toxic, intimidating, or unhealthy or unsafe. We offer body-positive training with an approach that aims to empower you with a strong sense of body awareness and connection regardless of your starting point. All while cultivating a healthy and realistic relationship with health and fitness.

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Training Options

Virtual Training options include live weekly classes and an interactive classroom with new content every week. Full live streams of each class are provided so you never have to miss the experience of attending a live class. Students can communiate with their trainer easily and get a free one on one session every season to track progress and learn new activities.

This options provides the full FORWRD Training experience at home with a one of a kind Virtual Training Course. 


Online Training delivers the same content at the Virutal Training, but without the live classes or interactive classroom. The course provides weekly program guides with videos to help guide you through the program along with a library of activities that provide detailed instructions on each pose and movement.

This option is lower cost and great for those who want to work at their own pace.


A safe space to start your journey forward. No Scale. No Measurement. No Judgement.

Assessments are one on one sessions with Raquel where you’ll go over your history, experience, and goals. We care about why you are seeking healing and strength and we want to set each student up for success! After this discussion, Raquel will go through all of the poses and movements covered in our Foundation Courses and provide information on compensations and areas of focus for the course. You will then work to make adjustments and improve alignment and form for maximum efficiency. 

    • The results of the assessment are reinforced for each student in every lesson at FORWRD and can be translated to any other physical activity. This is why FORWRD is also a great compliment to Physical Therapy or sports activities and a great place to start for beginners.


    • The Courses cover weekly lessons that progressively develop knowledge and skills to see significant improvement with building off of the personal assessment. The course is designed to provide the base of knowledge required for safe and effective practice of active alignment and natural movement. Over 6 months, you can learn to heal, improve, and strengthen anything that has been impacted by gravity, time, and experience. 
    •  ENROLLMENT OPEN FOR SUMMER 2020 Virtual Foundation Courses.
    • Fall Course Enrollment starts in September

Personal Training

1 on 1 personal training offers students a customized and tailored experience to meet your goals. In your 1 hour session, you will meet with Raquel who will take the time to work with you to find exactly where you and your body are in the present moment. Together you will design the perfect program to get you moving forward towards your goals on the safest and most efficient, effective and sustainable path.

Virtural Personal Training

Real People

Real Results

"This is my favorite place to workout! Raquel does such an amazing job of making sure that during each session my body is working hard but also in the right ways. I've never had a trainer give so much individual feedback while in group sessions. I come to her for crosstraining for roller derby and she listens to what my body needs to not only get stronger but to restore when I need it. I highly suggest checking this place out!"


"FORWRD is not like any other gym, group class, or workout I have ever been to but it’s absolutely the best! I have eliminated paid that’s been bothering me for over 10 years in just a couple months of classes with Raquel. I hope you’ll join us! "


"In just two weeks I have felt muscles activate that have NEVER been engaged before - and I've been relatively fit/active for over five years. I am hooked on FORWRD for the expertise of their trainers, the environment that fosters balanced fitness and wellness, and for the variety of classes. I can box, do yoga, and connect to my mental fitness - all in once place. "