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No scales, no measurements, no pressure.  A safe space where you perform the activities to provide your trainer with a baseline for future movement forward. 

Assessments are one on one sessions with Raquel where you’ll go over your history, experience, and goals. We care about why you are looking for healing and strength and we want to set each student up for success! After this discussion, Raquel will go through all of the poses and movements covered in our Foundations Courses providing you with feedback, potential biases and compensations in each activity. You will then work together to make adjustments and improve alignment and form for maximum efficiency. 

Assessments are foundational to our training approach and vital for forward progress. Assessments provide the trainer and student with a baseline for movements and holds covered in classes.  They also provide a personal space for us to come together and learn about your individual needs. Every student has their own history with injury, pain and training and this 1-on-1 time allows us to detail how your body will complete a movement to best help you move FORWRD. 

Results of the assessment are recorded and documented and shared with the student after the assessment. 

Healing Assessment

Healing + Strength Assessment

The Healing Assessment is 45 minute private session that covers the basic alignment holds and mobility movements trained in our Healing Courses. This Assessment is perfect for anyone recovering from injury, new to exercise, or anyone looking to supplement higher intensity training. It provides the same feedback and foundation as the strength assessment, but is limited to the healing poses and movements.

The Foundations Assessment is a 90 minute session that covers all of the holds, movements and exercises trained in our Healing and Strength Classes. This Assessment covers all of the foundational knowledge needed to safely and effectively perform in all classes.  The assessment allows the time and space to dial in on the alignment aspects of each movement to find a strong and stable baseline from which you’ll begin to train. This way you know exactly how you’ll be training each movement at the appropriate level and intensity. This keeps you safe. This keeps you strong.

Assessment Comparison

*Boxing and Kettleballs assessments available after completing Fountation Course.

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