Great Lake Girya Kettlebell Review

Early in the pandemic Raquel was presented with the opportunity to bulk order kettlebells from Great Lakes Girya out of Kirchner, Ontario. Raquel is a StrongFirst Certified Instructor and was trained in by Collin the owner of Great Lakes Girya as part of that certification.

First Shipment 8/18

Member Order

We had an active Kettle Bell club training with us pre-pandemic, so we decided to create a bulk order for our members hoping to get them to them as quickly as possible to facilitate at home training. In the meantime we lent out what we had to our members. These Members are the ones that kept FORWRD alive when everything first shut down. We placed the order on May 16th and were told delivery would be in June or July, then late July or August. We received delivery on part of our order on August 18.

High Quality Kettlebells

The bells we have received are fantastic. Raquel has been training with Kettle Bells for years and these are her favorites. The E-coating finish on the bigger bells are really nice. Some of the smaller bells were powder coated rather than e-coated. They are still the nicest bells we have. The quality of the casting and the finish are excellent. The casting seams are minimal compared to other bells we use. Having weights in both KB and LBS is a plus. Many of our others have the weights written on with paint marker.

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Waiting Patiently

We are still awaiting the rest of the order. Rather than complain about the delays and place blame on Colin, FORWRD Training practices kindness and understanding. We kept our members updated when they asked about the status and their patience is a testament to how amazing they all are. It is hopeful seeing so many other positive and supportive comments on social media and be reminded that in general people are kind.

We were never promised a delivery date, only given projections and updated on changes. Great Lakes isn’t the only company struggling to import and manufacture. There are slow downs in the global supply chain all over. I have first hand experience with product development. What i see with Great Lakes is a company doing everything it can to fulfill it’s orders as soon as possible while delivering on the quality that is promised.

Supporting Small Businesses

We commend Colin and the Great Lakes Girya team for their effort and are thankful we can order from them rather than Amazon. It is very difficult to own your own small business in normal times, quite a bit more difficult in a pandemic. Colin took on a challenge to grow and fill the demand for high quality at home training equipment at a time when many needed it. The product live up to their descriptions.

For sale or rent

In addition to the member order a few additional kettlebells will be available for rent or sale. FORWRD Training students and members can rent bells as part of their Training. We also plan on having a few for sale locally. Check out our store to see if we have any in stock.