Raquel Sanchez and J.V. Krebs
FORWRD Training

Madison, WI: FORWRD Training has evolved their Foundations Training Courses to the virtual classroom experience. The Foundations courses have always been designed using bodyweight movements to build alignment and connection from head to toe. The FORWRD form of training teaches students the lines present in their bodies and how to use them safely and effectively. These lines aid in everyday and dynamic movement. We focus on teaching postural alignment and full body connections where students learn how to give themselves feedback and adjust form to move more efficiently and effortlessly through life. The result is healing, wellness and strength. 

FORWRD is an inclusive training facility. Raquel is a queer person of color and understands from multiple perspectives what it is like when environments are not safe or welcoming. FORWRD is founded on the ideal of providing a better experience for our students. We welcome any age, any experience, any condition, any ability, any identity, any human that is willing to train and work to learn and become more aligned and connected.

Each student starts with a one on one Foundations Assessment with Raquel. This personal training session is where Raquel works with each student to discuss goals and past experiences in life and training. The remainder of the assessment focuses on learning the form and core movements built upon during training. In the assessment, students learn of their individual compensation and Raquel alings their training with their goals. This approach helps ensure that every movement is safe and documented so students can update and review as they move forward.  Each student also gets an additional 45 minute personal training midterm session as part of the course. This allows students space for Raquel’s full attention to teach new movements and provide updated feedback. 

Foundations Courses last 12 weeks and the Fall 2020 session starts October 13th. Google Classroom is the platform that we chose for Virtual Training. This system allows us to share guides for each healing sequence or strength workout. These guides are paired with recorded livestream videos of each class that aims to give the experience of being in a live class. You get to hear Raquel provide feedback and describe each pose as well as the warm up and recovery activities. The application, website, and google documents allow each student to track their workouts by turning in assignments digitally. Some students also print and write on the guides and spreadsheets are being developed for those who enjoy that sort of thing. These tools help track progress if the way that suits each student’s preferences. It even helps when submitting documentation to insurance companies. 

After testing this system with a pilot course that started in July, FORWRD is ready to take on 20 new students. The hands-on approach requires limiting enrollment to keep the lives of the two owners and only employees tolerable. The Course starts on October 13 and students can schedule their assessments now. That starts the process of enrolling in the course after getting to know each other. The Live Class add-on is typically added after the Assessment.  It’s important to make sure technology is functional and compatible and that class times work with schedules. 

As the Foundations Courses moved to the Virtual classroom, we noticed some students prefer to attend regularly scheduled live classes. We also learned that quite a few people can’t make it to scheduled classes due to family or work conflicts. For this reason we have a Live Class add on for our courses that allow those students who want to attend live classes the option. Students are shared a calendar and can jump into a class directly from the Google Meet link (as long as it’s before class starts). The videos are always there as a back up if a class is missed.  The other thing you get out of the live classes is feedback from Raquel and the experience of learning something with someone at the same time, together as a community that supports each other in a safe space. In these times that opportunity is pretty valuable. 

As our video library develops, students will have access to detailed videos and guides to individual activities and movements. Students who complete the Foundations Course can become a member and continue making progress through increasing the difficulty or adding weight to movements using kettlebells or our very own Strength Tanks. FORWRD can also help by renting out equipment for the 12 week course. Typically a mat, a stick, a strap, a ball and a band is all that is required. 

Both Raquel and J.V. are would be happy to provide further comment. Questions about training can be directed to raquel ( and for a tour of the system please contact J.V. (

FORWRD Training is located at our homes and our what is now a multi use facility on the east side of Madison, near the intersection of Highways 30 and 51. Opened in July 2018 by Madison Residents Raquel Sanchez and Joey Krebs to provide healing, wellness, and strength to the world and their communities. Raquel works day and night teaching, training, and recently doing a ton of video editing on software she learned over the past few months. J.V. takes care of all of the business operations, design, and creating so many google documents. We always designed our program to work at home since that is where it all started and are looking forward to sharing it with all of you.