The summer session of our pilot Virtual foundations course is just over halfway complete. The Virtual classroom and live training have been working well through Google Classroom and we are proud of all of our students in making the transition. We are looking forward to enrolling new students in our Fall 2020 Foundation Courses.

The Assessment

Our courses still start with each student getting a one on one Foundations Assessment. This is where Raquel starts building alignment and connection and gets to know each student’s experience and goals. During the course students also get an additional 1 on 1 Midterm personal training session with Raquel to review progress and add new challenges. 

Google Classroom

Our unique approach to training adapted well to the Virtual environment. The focus on healing and strength through body weight poses and movements require little equipment. Some space and a few versatile tools are all a student needs to train effectively at home. The virtual classroom provides students with detailed weekly lessons coupled with recorded live streams of every class. This gives students the experience of being in a class at the time and place of their choosing.

Apps and Docs

The mobile app allows students to participate in the FORWRD Training community by posing questions or sharing progress during the course. We hope to develop this community into a safe space to discuss how to best move forward in our physical and mental health. The classroom also provides the students with tools and resources for tracking their training and diving deeper into the movements with fun things like spreadsheets and video lessons showing progressions and variations. 

Live classes, for those that can make it

While the virtual courses are excellent, we know some students work best attending live courses if they work with their schedule and for the joy of interacting with other beings. For these students we have a Live Class Add-on that gives the students access to live classes with Raquel. Each class within the course is offered multiple times weekly and students will be able to get live feedback and get feedback from Raquel in real time. 

Current Class Schedule

Inclusive Environment

Raquel is a queer person of color and understands from multiple perspectives what it is like when environments are not safe or welcoming. FORWRD is founded on the ideal of providing a better experience for our students. We welcome any age, any experience, any condition, any ability, any identity, any human that is willing to train and work to learn and become more aligned and connected.

Start moving FORWRD Today

Our 12 Week Fall 2020 Foundations Courses start on October 13. There are a limited number of spaces available, so get your Foundations Assessment today!