Individualized Training

Prior to starting the Foundations Course, each student has a one on one Virtual personal training session with Raquel. The Assessment allows for time and space to dial in on the alignment aspects of each movement and start building connections. Raquel guides students through each movement assessing the lines of their bodies and providing feedback for adjustments. By going through this process we can find a strong and stable baseline on where to start training that is unique to each individual. Finding the appropriate level and intensity for each movement is essential for safe and effective training. The focus is on alignment and connection rather than speed, gravity(weight), or volume. 

Goals and Experience

Me, Getting a virtual assessment with Raquel

In addition to the physical assessment, Raquel discusses the individual goals and past experiences. This helps provide areas of focus for Raquel and helps students align their training with their goals in other parts of their life and the activities we all should be doing to get our hear rates up. 

Training Tools & Technology

The last part of the assessment is a review of the environment and tools needed for online training. We use Google Meet for virtual appointments and Google Classroom for the courses. The Foundations Course is designed to use body weight or lightly weighted movements to keep the focus on alignment and connection, this means not large racks of heavy weights are needed. The tools you do need are high quality and versatile. We have equipment available for rent (and some to purchase). The assessment is followed up with some emails to help students get familiar with the Classroom tools, videos, lingo and be prepared for the start of the course.  

Limited Number Available

If you are interested in scheduling an assessment, we have a limited number available. Raquel will reach out right away to schedule the appointment when she is notified of a purchase in our online store. You can email with your questions and we will follow up via email with appropriate information.