FORWRD Training is proud to announce that our Pilot Virtual Program will Launch on July 19th. This is a one of a kind training experience that provides students with Live Virtual classes, Recorded Live streams of each lesson, Detailed program guides with video instruction and an online community. It even has assignments and ways to help students track their progress through the course.

With that in mind, we wanted to walk everyone through the Virtual Training System. We are using Google Classroom as the platform for our Virtual Training. This service provides an interactive classroom using all of the Google Tools. For those who are familiar with this platform things should look pretty familiar. Hopefully it is also easy to navigate for those who are not on the Google.

Google Classroom

At the start of the course students will be invited to join the Google Classroom. There is both an App for your mobile device and a website for your computer. Please take a moment to install the App or visit the website and feel free to join the Test Class if you want to try it out. The code to join the class is


Once you have accepted your invitation to the Classroom, you will see the class stream which is the home page for the Course. You will also see tabs across the top for Classwork and People. On the stream you can share something with the class or join in on discussions. You can also get quick access to the latest coursework as it is released. 

Virtual Coursework

In addition to the live virtual classes, all course content is available on the classroom site. These come in a few forms. 

Lessons are typically deep dives into a topic. For each lesson a document and a video will be included for students to review and practice. 

Sequences and Workouts go along with the virtual classes. If you are unable to attend a live class, all of the content and a full livestream of the class are available to do when your schedule allows. We ask that students report that they have completed these activities by submitting the assignment. This is done by submitting at the bottom of the page. This is also an opportunity to attach a photo or share personal feedback with Raquel. 

At times you will be asked to submit a photo or complete a form to provide feedback and report your results. These are always options, however they are useful for monitoring progress for both FORWRD and the student. Students can access previous work and compare results as the course progresses. 

Virtual Classes & Calendar

Students are still asked to sign into classes. We are looking at a couple of options and this will probably evolve as we get more experience with the platform. This may be an assignment with a form to fill out, an editable spreadsheet, or a post from Raquel. Please bear with us while we sort this out. If there are two or less attendees 1 hour before the class, it is subject to cancellation. If you are not signed in you can still attend a class by accessing the public calendar and joining the Google Meet. 

Each course has its own calendar that can be accessed through the classwork tab. Clicking on this directly opens Google Calendar and adds the class calendar to whatever other calendars you have on Google Calendar. You can customize the color and sync it with ical if that is what you use regularly. We may also integrate these calendars with the my account page at if this seems useful. You will not have access to this page if you do not have an account.  

Virtual Community

In addition the Classroom allows us to develop a virtual community within our members and foundation students. Students are free to ask questions and share information by posting in the classwork stream or by commenting on an activity. 

We hope to share news and weekly updates on the class stream rather than via the weekly emails that were previously sent to students. 

Notifications and Emails

There are two primary ways students will be notified when coursework is published. The app on your phone will be notified and an email will be sent. You can manage these in the settings on the website through the menu in the upper Left Corner. This is similar in the Mobile Application. Please set your notifications to personal preferences.


Through your account page at students have access to toolkits based on their enrollment. Over time these toolkits will be integrated with the course material allowing students to click on an activity and review detailed information about that activity. Students can all access the toolkits directly through their account pages. This library will grow and additional toolkits will be added for advanced training, kettlebells and more. Beyond the movement library, there is also a toolkit with format videos and other training materials to help support at home training with good instruction. 


As this is a new system, please do not be shy with providing feedback on the system to me. For now please post questions and comments in the Test Classroom related to these systems. If you don’t want to post publicly, there is an option to send a private comment only to the instructors within any assignment. You can also email me.