At FORWRD Training we have a unique approach to physical training that provides healing, wellness, and strength to our students. Raquel and I will not allow this current crisis to stop us from our mission to share and grow FORWRD Training. We want to help as many students as we can move forward with strong and balanced bodies. In this new world we hope that we can all move FORWRD together and we are working very hard to adapt FORWRD Training to do just that.

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Moving FORWRD Online

The current environment we are all living in has forced us to adapt as a business. Virtual Training for our Dedicated Students has helped keep the doors open and for that we are grateful. That isn’t saying it didn’t have a major impact on everything we do. Fear not, we are well practiced at adapting and evolving our approach.

Change is something our members understand given the operational changes we’ve made over our first 2 years as we’ve learned from our students. We always envisioned online courses to be a part of our service offerings and have designed it as such. Now, we hoped to have 5 or so years until we took this path but nature had different plans.

While we continue with virtual classes, we are working hard to adapt our operations to a combination of virtual training and online courses. Online Training Courses coupled with Virtual training for those that want or need it can help us serve the needs of more students while staying safe as we all live through this pandemic.

We are hard at work learning all of the technological tools to make this a reality and we are working on the program design and website to support online training. We are committed to having our first online courses and better systems for virtual training this summer.

We hope you all can join us on this journey and that we can move forward together into this new world. Together we can work to create more healing, wellness, and strength for ourselves and each other. Let the world know that we will all move forward together.


If you’d like to be part of our journey forward, please support us by purchasing a MOVE FORWRD TOGETHER Sticker, Available on our online store. I will get the stickers on order and out to all of you wonderful people as soon as possible.

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