FREE Final Foundations Course

FORWRD Training hosted our last classes late in 2020. Unable to stay open due to the financial impact of the Pandemic. 

However, we wanted to take the opportunity to make our Final Foundation Course Available to everyone. It was the result of a lot of hard work in 2020 to create the online program as we adapted to the situation. This is he result of 3 years of work we are very proud of. 

Much Love from Raquel and J.V.

The Complete Program is delivered in a single PDF File with Guides for every workout and links to YouTube Videos for most.

  • 16 Healing Sequences creating energy through Alignment and Mobility
  • 7 Wellness Lessons to help Heal and Recover
  • 16 Strength Workouts to find Strength in Movement

This full body program relies on bodyweight movements and requires little equipment. Designed to be done at home and safe for most everyone.


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If you are interested in training with Raquel, you can get in touch via Instagram or facebook